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Introduction of Khazar manba Company

In 1364, the Khazarmanba bandar Industrial Production Company started its activities in the field of production of all kinds of water tanks, such as water storage tanks, steam boilers, hot water, various heat exchangers and steam car washes.

The main factory of this production unit is located in an area of 7387 square meters in Gilan province and Bandar Anzali industrial town. Along with the growth and progress of facility structures, this company added the production and construction of polyethylene tanks to its products.

All the products of the Khazarmanba Bandar Company are supplied to the applicants in accordance with the most up-to-date international standards and with the highest level of quality. The manufacturing operations of Khazarmanba products are carried out in a factory equipped with modern machinery and experienced and specialized personnel. It is worth mentioning that the raw materials and final products are under the strict supervision and inspection of the factory’s quality control units. In general, the whole process of manufacturing to the production of Khazarmanba Bandar products is carried out under the supervision of the quality control unit. In addition to meeting the needs of cities and provinces across Iran, the metal and polyethylene products of this industrial unit are also exported to some countries in the world, including Central Asia and Iraq.

In line with the support and expansion of domestic production and in order to improve the employment status in Bandar Anzali, khazarmanba Industrial Production Unit has provided a suitable platform for the employment of specialized workforce, especially the native youth of Gilan province.Winning awards, plaques and honorary statues from numerous festivals related to industrial units is another honor of this collection.

Advantages of buying products from Khazarmanba Bandar Company:

  • Diversity in products and productions
  • Full commitment to loyal customers
  • Production of high quality products
  • Providing advice when buying goods
  • Free shipping up to a specified distance
  • After-sales service to buyers



polyethilen products

The first producer of multi-layer polyethylene products in Gilan

dig bokhar

Metal products

Producer of steam boilers, hot water boilers, pool heating packages and steam car washes

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